If you have health problems, are afraid to study with a large number of people or want to improve your technical expertise, you SHOULD join a private Yoga class. With a team of professional Indian and Vietnamese coaches, we always bring you good health and useful knowledge. Your health will improve and your skills will be enhanced quickly.


Therapeutic Yoga & Advanced Personal Yoga

Yoga therapy, also known as yoga therapy, is a form of yoga practice to maintain and improve health. This is a long-standing scientific treatment method that focuses on improving people's health in all aspects, making them physically and mentally more comfortable. Yoga therapy is known as a form of supporting the treatment of many diseases by bringing balance to the body and mind by opening the mind to balance and regulate the working mechanism of the muscular system. bones and joints and many other organs and parts of the human body.

Yoga therapy to get effective in treatment is mostly to apply basic yoga techniques such as breathing, postures, conditioning, meditation into movements to help affect muscles and joints. Treatment doesn't mean you have to be active and do difficult movements. Just performing basic movements combined with correct breathing techniques and gentle stretching of muscles and joints is enough.


Who is the target of therapeutic yoga?

The audience of yoga therapy is very broad, mainly people with diseases and health problems. Want to improve diseases of bones, joints, spine, blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular, vestibular... Practicing yoga will help ease pain and create balance in mind, helping muscles and organs The exercises are quite gentle, quite easy to practice, and are also very suitable for the elderly to help prevent and treat diseases of old age, help the body stay healthy and strong. increase life expectancy. Nowadays, not only people with disease practice yoga therapy, but also healthy people also practice.

Not only does it help treat bone and muscle diseases, it also helps the body avoid the harmful effects of daily life that affect the body and health. Reduce the risk of bone and spine diseases and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


What is the effect of therapy in yoga?

The therapeutic movements of yoga will help affect muscle bundles, and reduce tension in joints, thereby significantly improving joint pain, muscle pain, and helping the body to be firmer and longer. prevent aging, osteoarthritis and many other parts of the body.

In the book "The Best Alternative Medicine" author Ken Pelletier said that yoga will help stabilize the musculoskeletal system, make the respiratory rate improve, will become quieter and deeper, the circulatory system will also thanks. which works better. In addition, practicing yoga also balances the physiology and emotions of each person, helping to keep the mind peaceful from which there are no negatives, and control unnecessary anger.

Yoga in therapy also helps improve muscle strength and control movement, helping muscles become more supple and elastic. It also helps prevent musculoskeletal problems and is beneficial for people with arthritis and those recovering from broken bones.

In addition, therapeutic movements help you feel comfortable, and help significantly reduce pain in muscles and joints.

With a developed society, pressure makes people stressed, over-activity will lead to increased risks of disease. This is the pressure and a problem that needs to be solved quickly. Yoga therapy is a method to help improve health and exercise both mind and body for everyone. Both simple and easy will make your health have unexpected changes.

Advanced Personal Yoga classes will help you deepen your understanding of Yoga and push your limits and feel healthier than ever.

When taking individual classes, the teacher will understand the physical condition of each student, from there will establish the teaching method to best suit the student. Here, we will help students understand the best Yoga techniques and practices, helping students understand the foundation of Yoga.

Personal Yoga classes are suitable for all people to practice to improve their health because we always have a program that is suitable for your body.


At Personal Yoga Class you will get:

  • Improve health, improve exercise capacity.
  • Helps you balance your health - mind and spirit.
  • Strengthens joints and muscles.
  • Helps to make the spine more supple and flexible.
  • You will be properly trained to master the techniques to improve your ability.
  • Helps you reduce stress and anxiety, be more optimistic and love life.
  • Support proper diet and nutrition.
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